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There's a school of thought which says "status updates" shouldn't actually be status updates, because that fails to adequately appreciate what people want to read about here. But I feel that sort of status update fails to adequately appreciate how on Facebook we only want to read status updates which present a cleanly sanitised, quality-controlled, highly-processed, quickly manufactured-for-public-consumption view of the life we're living.

With that in mind I'm going to use Facebook as my "bullhorn to the world" to let you all know that last night I decided it was time to try sleeping without pain relief, alone in my hotel room in Bangkok. So I just took my sleeping tablet. It was probably too early for this adventure, because after 8 hours of fitful tossing and turning I woke up from a deep, dreamlike state lying on my stomach, elbows pressed hard into the mattress, with my hands clasped tightly together in prayer position. At least my eyebrows and forehead were slightly elevated from the pillow because they felt about twice their normal size and aching like... well like they'd been pierced 2,600 times. At least my lower back and buttocks weren't so sore today though.

Needless to say, I immediately wimped out of bed and took my pain relief, I know that's the ending to this story you're all waiting for, but the epilogue is that after a month in Thailand and two nearly two weeks of recovery I'm starting to feel very lonely and sorry for myself - I'm ready to come home, I miss everyone I'm close to terribly (including my family and my cats). I must mention and thank Ivan Jasenovic for being so steadfastly supportive and stoically helpful.
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