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When DayZ sucks, it sucks HARD. I present to you a half-remembered chat log:

<Qwiddity> heading south towards Electro
<Stormbringer> Come to Skalisty Island
<Qwiddity> Alright, but I'm a super-noob as well as a bad player.
<ModernSniper> Doesn't matter, just head over the bridge towards the island.
<Qwiddity> Okay. I'm putting my gun away. Unarmed, heading over bridge...
Qwiddity was killed
<Stormbringer> Oh bad luck an AI Sniper got you
<Qwiddity> Uh, sure, if "AI Sniper" is what you call your rifle.
<ModernSniper> lol
<Blake> I'm near Skalisty.
<ModernSniper> Can you see the bridge? Come over it.
<Blake> ok
Blake was killed
<Stormbringer> AI Snipers have perfect aim. Watch out.
<Blake> Oh. I'll come back.
<Stormbringer> We're on Skalisty island
<ModernSniper> waiting here
<Blake> ok I'm back, heading over the bridge to Skalisty
Blake was killed
<ModernSniper> You gotta watch for those AI snipers.
<Blake> What was that?
<Qwiddity> It's THEM. Just ignore them. They're luring n00bs over the bridge and gunning them down. When they feel douchey enough, they might stop.
<Stormbringer> Not us its AI snipers!
<Qwiddity> Excuses, excuses. Whatever.
<ModernSniper> Come to Skalisty Island!
<Blake> Where are you? I'm on the bridge.
Stormbringer was killed
<Stormbringer> What was that?
<Qwiddity> What did we learn? Did we learn that only people who say "I WILL KILL YOU ON SIGHT" are being honest in chat?
<ModernSniper> qwiddity u have no proof I'm being a bandit
<Qwiddity> Are you thirteen? Because it seems pretty adolescent to fail understanding that if a game is fun because of other players; it's bad for your OWN enjoyment to kill those people.
ModernSniper was killed
<ModernSniper> who shot me? name, or die!
<Qwiddity> Dunno, must've been some kind of "AI Sniper", which is what I call my rifle.

(and thus a lesson was learned, but the ego required recuperation)


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