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Having read your unsolicited letter which essentially begs for alms in exchange for a promise that your political party of current employ might, possibly, maybe, campaign in the next state election (if successful in retaining its registration), I'd like to respond in kind. It's quite easy enough for representatives of the LNP to make grandiose claims about Australian Labour Party being controlled by "union bosses", and it's just as much of a straw-clutching exercise as when ALP opponents decry Liberal National Party members for being controlled by "big business".

Proving these statements either way is an entirely different matter. The LNP has so far been unsuccessful in its attempts to bring opposition leader Bill Shorten's shortcomings as a representative of the Australian Worker's Union to public scrutiny - perhaps conditions at the mushroom farm were in fact improved by his actions and subsequent departure into politics?

People I speak to are more concerned about the sheerly ridiculous, that Dyson Hayden could have the gall to sit in judgement of his own apprehended bias - as a judge on a royal commission costing the Australian taxpayers far more than any "shady back-room AWU deals" it inquired into, while being of direct benefit merely to a select few black-letter lawyers and of dubious support to the LNP's cause nationally.

If only I felt my donation would mean something either way, I might be motivated to do more for either side of our political process. I can't even get my local member (LNP member Mal Brough) to respond to me seriously regarding the provision of rights for certain subsets of people, who live in our society and pay tax like any others, to be married.

Apparently this is because upgrading the Bruce highway is a surer bet, and I'm quite sure it's sociologically safer to be consistently in favour of roads, and consistently lacking any opinion on issues which might be dangerous to one's continued aspirations in parliament. If he'd like to uphold my standards and my viewpoints, I'm sure I'd be more inclined to make donations.

To address your question regarding what I might do, were I the state premier for 300 days? I can tell you, if you'd like to know: I'd try to employ more teachers, I'd try to make higher education free for everyone, I'd try to create more economic growth through the establishment of good government conduct, and promote private enterprise which utilises state-run infrastructure with effective taxation. I'd try to ensure government enacted policies not just "good enough", but were of the best possible quality and care as to the interests of the people they govern.

You know, the ways things used to be run, before people lost their minds, (which were apparently made up entirely out of their memories of past events) and began to allow the LNP to ply them into mass-marketed election cycling, which have consuming our processes of governance until they have been all but devoured, reducing sittings of parliament to knee-jerk partisan infighting instead of properly representing the people of our state and commonwealth.

I suppose in a sense I'm willing to contribute anything of myself BUT money to politics. Make of that what you will in this "plan for Queensland" - the last I heard of it was when the LNP wanted to sell off public assets, including our state-owned _WATER_SUPPLY_ and was swiftly voted out of office for tabling such ridiculous proposals. Apparently people didn't like the idea that they might have to pay by the glass for drinking water as a direct cost of supporting the LNP's vision for our future, and I honestly can't blame them for that.

PS: If you'd like to discuss helping me out with my university studies or student fees, making a donation is as easy as giving me money, which you can do in a variety of interesting ways. Not the least of which is the ever-popular: "fold your donation into a paper-plane, then fly it out of your high-rise office window in Spring Hill to alight upon such gossamer wings of hope that the light of its glory in the form of almighty currency may trickle down into some kind of benefit for such unfortunate have-nots as myself."


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