Aug. 18th, 2009 09:47 am
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I'm in Canberra; its as cold as interstellar space and I'm not sure how people live here without freezing into icicles. If you listen carefully, you can hear their joints cracking on the breeze as ice cleaves off their bones. Its so dry that my skin is audibly complaining by losing moisture and I can't feel my fingertips which I'm sure I'm going to pay for in nerve damage later.

None of this is to say you can't get sunburned here! The altitude here means we're only about 3 or 4 kilometers from the surface of the sun itself given the extreme UV rating, yet for some illogical reason like hell being hot, its freezing. I really want to go back to Queensland where the weather is at least comfortably complainable.

Suffering from dementia must be in some respects kind of fun, and in other respects completely terrifying. Dissociating so hardcore that you're sure you're in a prison camp when you're in hospital, having to be restrained to the bed because of being violent, and giving nurses (who just want to help) injuries which send them home on worker's compensation is NOT a good thing. Mind you I'm really confused when someone can swallow an elephant-sedating dose of anti-psychotics and it just not seem to have any effect at all. Now THAT is world-class crazy!


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