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Earlier today I said this in conversation:
Learning is to education as courtship is to marriage.
This statement achieved its aim of making people laugh while provoking thought. My hope is that this flippant comment will begin a line of reasoning capable of uncovering a more holistic approach to teaching.

When children learn their brains are awash with neuromodulation chemicals, which is the almost constant state of the child brain. When adults learn, they do so because an intense moment of realisation or insight has provided a new way of experiencing, examining, or manipulating their world. This induces a flush of the same neuromodulators which allows new synaptic patterns to form and 'cement' into more permanent patterns of thought.

To make new synaptic connections in an adult brain, we must subject ourselves to experiences which force us to 'think' differently than we normally would, then further extend our capacity by learning to cope with the new experience so that we can continue to perform differently at the limits of our understanding. Young children have fewer problems doing this because their neural structures are extremely malleable (the terms 'plastic' or 'neuroplasticity' are often used to describe the fast-changing chaotic state of children's minds), but as adults we need to understand more about how our minds interact and deal with the world in order to change them.


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