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 "Will you come here and talk with me?" asked the adult of the child.
  "Talking with adults is boring, because they never want to talk about what I like." said the seven-year-old, who firmly believes he will be seven forever (and since in the minds of children that age anything longer than an hour is forever, he's at least partially correct).
  "So what do you like?"
  "Mostly video games."
  "What about talking to other children? Is that boring?"
  "No, they're interesting."
  "I see."

  The reason why talking to adults is boring, my child, is because the inverse can be doubly true! For children to be interesting to adults, their little heads must be filled with at least enough information that they can ask interesting questions, uncover interesting facts, or make interesting observations. For instance earlier today when you told me that scorpions belong to the arachnid family--a fact I certainly didn't know and still am not sure of. Thank goodness for the Internet!

Earlier today I was talking with my mother, who is twice my age and must have done something correctly because I don't find her boring (just sometimes frustrating). We were discussing cities, and she was trying to understand why some people who live in larger cities, when they take their frequent holidays to escape the clutches of the conglomerate's magnetic pull, only seem able to talk about moving away from where they have chosen to live (often at great cost).

  This was like an echo in my head, and I remembered my own brush with city life which I found distasteful. Thankfully the ambrosial sweetness of living in a small, elevated concrete box turned bitter for me sooner than most, and I escaped after only having lost a few years of existence to such ridiculousness.

  Why then, my mother asked, are city-dwellers so entranced by country life? My assumption is that it seems "more real" by rose-coloured comparison. The quiet dignity of country life says to them "You may not choose to live as we do but you can learn from our strengths, since our communities allow yours to exist and function."

  An entrancement with city life is far more than just a youthful attraction to bright lights. Everyone can see the flow of society's energies from the country to the city, the confluence of transport and communications linkages forming a bright, bustling hub of activity. In a very real sense, the city is a reactor for society; the fuel is accumulated and distributed to the outlying suburban fat cells, so the central business district heart can pulse with life. People wishing to contribute to something far larger than themselves accumulate like blood cells, the energies they expend in their daily lives driving the force of civilisation ever onwards.

  There is a more shallow attraction which we covered and that was the retailing aspect. I expect consumer fascination is driven essentially by the satisfaction of ownership, and a desire for repetition. "I want that robe, that bauble, that person." Take what you want, and pay for it. Use it until you tire of it or its lustre wears, then repeat the experience of acquisition. An object-driven perspective, where an individual is the sum of their acquisitions.

  While I tread my different path, admiring and deploring what I see.

  Which I suppose is just as much of a personality flaw. The self-possessed don't give of themselves easily. Fearing love and affection, because of the underlying transactional nature of such emotional exchange. "See how I possess myself? Unless you follow my ways you will never have that."

  The victory of the acquisitive mindset is by no means assured, but the self-possessed are in danger of keeping so much bottled up by their strange, old ways, that when it does release there is this overwhelming wash, everything given in an irresistible tide.

  There is no easy compromise, because such compromise would weaken. Some problems cannot find their solutions that way. There are decisions which must be made no matter how bitter the outcome of the choices. Which is why we're in the countryside, talking about why people living in the city must be talking about being elsewhere too.


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