Jan. 9th, 2017

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Is it wrong to always be right? Or just always think you're right (even if you're always right)? Is all that matters in objective view of the world? Nobody has a monopoly on objectivity. By causal determinism we are hardwired to need answers. The hominid which hears a rustling in the bushes and checks to see the reason why lives longer than the ones who are disinterested in their surroundings.

But just as there is no line in the sand between strong and weak evolutionary selection processes, there is fine distinction to be drawn between good and evil in the landscape of ethics or morals. There is only action which an intelligence can tolerate, or that which is intolerable and these happen in degrees. Rontgen probably killed his own wife discovering the X-ray, just as Marie Curie died from radiation poisoning researching the radioactive properties of radium. Anna was terrified when she saw Roentgen's photograph of her hand, showing the bones and her wedding ring. After winning two Nobel prizes, dying through a little-understood poisoning interaction as a result of scientific investigation must have similarly terrified the brilliant Mari's husband Pierre. The invisible causes of death are as incomprehensible as our attempts to navigate the landscape of ethical action.

Most of the motivations of science which are conducted unethically are to uncover what is possible in the course of the research, bury the evidence of how the discoveries were made, then turning a profit before the researchers can forget what they went through to obtain their results.


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