Jan. 7th, 2017

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Somehow in my juvenile way my knee-jerk reactions to stimuli made me trip, falling into an adult response by accident. It's too bad that in the course of my transgressions I've wandered in and out of people's lives drunk and incoherent. I guess somewhere in the midst of my family dysfunction I found a way to be intellectually successful in order to find an escape hatch into my own mind, my rich inner life compensating for the emotional paucity of my surroundings. Watching someone get blind drunk then giving them crap for acting like a drunk is like dating someone until they're emotinoally invested enough to love you, then dumping them and giving them crap for being upset.

Realtionship studies show people who sleep around are miserable. The fewer partners you have, the happier you are with the person you'll iultimately end up with. Asexuality will only get you so far (ACE people may simply have an underlying medical condition causing their asexual behavior traits, like tumourous growths or debilitated pituitary glands which causing erectile dysfunction or loss of sexual drive). Sex is the fundamental drive of sexually reproducing species, and a healthy sexual appetite and ability to satiate it is a strong signifier of overall health. Orgasms oxygenate the brain, lighting up the neuronal networks with activity, which in turn floods other organ systems iwth endocrinal stimulants, pain relievers, and oxytocin - a neuromodulation chemical basis for bonding. Lots of people don't have sex, the only people who don't want its effects are either unaware of them, sick, lying, dead, or lonely.

How do you fight lonelieness? By smiling? Love hopes all things. You cannot love someone without making yourself open to thier fears, you cannot connect with someone without becoming sensitive to their hopes. But when someone is disconnected they're often driven to ask what is the meaning of life, asking "Why me?" in response to the indifference of nature to any existence, conscious or unconscious, rational or irrational, examined or unseen. "Why bother?: is often the response, but it's cruel advice, just beacuse there may be no greater meaning doesn't invalid the search, else why bother with any inquiry into anything? People try to make sense of what happens to them to make them the way they are, especially in the face of an uncaring universe. One method of coping is to live like nothing matters, to be a manipulative self-centered narcissistic jerk who brings misery to everyone in life by constantly reminding everyone that nothing matters and behaves terribly as a result. The advantage of this method is that when karma fights back at least it's deserved.

Girls get mad irraiontaly because they are genetically programmed to make a big deal out of every little thing. This is because in order to more heavily invest in children they must feel they can do as they please while still being able to act like they don't want to do so. This way they don't feel like sluts, ot get called out by other girls for being a slut. In the gender hierarchy women lead from the rear ranks, meaning they're surrounded by underling morons who are either afraid of her or want to kiss up to her. To cope, she needs to be respected enough to not be treated like some tender flower who needs coddling. Yet, it's wrong to treat your girlfriend as if she's weaker than you, even though she may be. Your girlfriend wants you to care about more than just what you want, what you think she thinks, she wants you to care about her, because she deserves someone who does.


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