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For most, conventional paths lead to average results. Your Key Performance Indicies only matter to people who find nothing else interesting. Give people different reasons to find you interesting. Giving up other people’s definitions of success is liberating and ultimately grants fuller expression of who you are and what matters to you.
Other people won't live with any consequences of choices you’ve made. So why live according to their definition of success? When you give that up, you cast off lots of baggage. You can enjoy a sense of lightness, peace, and freedom which casts light into everything you do. As long as you push through that short term, you have the opportunity to accomplish incredible things.
But you’ve got to want it, stick to it, and fight for it.
The heightened level of awareness, the calm outlook, the new job, the paid off debts, the flourishing startup business you desperately want to build. Any meaningful benefits in your life will always come attached to short term pain. Build something. Make Something.
Be consistently confident that by doing anything with the intention of doing good, good will come from it.


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