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But everyone deserves the opportunity to be on the receiving end of some sage advice at least now and again. S
The decisions that you make, every day, about how you'll act, these decisions foment into who'll you'll be - within the psyche they all have minute ongoing consequences which never, ever stop fermenting our personality and our interactions with observer-independent, objective shared reality.
Our decisions act as a "weakly-interacting nexus of causal pathways" which, acting in synergy, combine to distill the very essence of our consciousness and core identities.
So, whatever you choose to do, whoever you choose to be, be as confident as possible you are making the best choices for yourself. You will know if you are making the correct choices - because you won't have to lie; especially to yourself.
As Shakespeare's Polonius spake unto his departed fated son Laertes within the pages of 'Hamlet', "This above all, to thine own self be true, then thou cans't not be false to any other...", and that beautiful truth alone shall set you completely free.
(this message of integrity brought to you by insomnia, and an innate desire to finally opening up about something important)


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